The Anglo-Eastern Univan Group was created from the merger of two long established names in ship management in 2015.   Anglo-Eastern Ship Management and Univan Ship  Management were founded in Hong Kong over forty years ago and have specialized in offering ship management services to ship owners and investors around the globe.  

Through various subsidiaries and branches around the world, Anglo-Eastern Univan Group provides technical management, crew management, education and training of seafarers, newbuilding consultancy and other services to owners of almost all cargo and offshore vessel types.  

We create time; time for our clients to concentrate on making market decisions to increase the earning capacity of their ships, whilst we ensure their safety and optimal physical condition through the application of scientific, knowledge-based, independent management practices.

We actively seek new solutions and do not believe that “one size fits all”.  We continuously critique and improve our sea- and shore-based competencies, allowing us to remain at the forefront of the industry.