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Anglo Eastern Univan Group has been honoured with the award for ‘Best Shipping Company of the Year’ at the International Seafarers’ Welfare Awards 2016, organised by ISWAN (International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network).

The award was presented to Mr. Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director, QHSE and Training at Anglo-Eastern Univan Group by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Secretary General Mr. Kitack Lim at a ceremony in Manila.

“This is a great honour for Anglo Eastern Univan Group and reflects the hard work and dedication of staff and management to improve the lives of our seafarers. We must ensure during these challenging times that there is no compromise in ensuring we operate safe, secure and well run ships,” said Mr. Chawla.

Seven companies who have provided exceptional services for the welfare and wellbeing of seafarers were recognized at the high-level event which attracted the world’s leading seafarer welfare organisations and companies.

The judges for ‘Shipping Company of the Year’ category were Masamichi Morooka , Chairman of ICS, Helen Sampson, Director of Seafarers' International Research Centre, Cardiff University and Jacqueline Smith, Maritime Co-ordinator, ITF.

On 7th March 2016, the occasion of the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman The Lord Mountevans visit to Scotland, Anglo-Eastern (UK) Limited were delighted to welcome The Lord Mayor to their office in Glasgow wherethey hosted a luncheon to shine a light on the marine and engineering activities in the West of Scotland. The Lord Mayor, principally in his role as ambassador for financial and professional services but also as the former Chairman of Maritime UK was accompanied by Doug Barrow, Chief Executive Officer of London Maritime.

The Lord Mayor spends a large amount of his time promoting UK services around the world so this was an excellent opportunity for him to be briefed about the West of Scotland maritime cluster and the services they offer within the UK and globally.

The delegation consisted of eighteen senior executives from: Shipbuilders, Ship Managers, Ferry Operators, Specialist Support Service Providers, Trainers, Classification Societies, Naval Architects, Marine Consultants, Flag State Representatives, Solicitors and Ship Owners who all have a vested interest in promoting the local maritime and engineering services globally.

With the upcoming launch of the “Maritime Initiative for Scotland”, it was an ideal occasion to align the visions and shared resources of the various organisations to promote UK Maritime in general and the West of Scotland in particular to the wider world.

The Clyde, has a long maritime history however the companies in attendance at the luncheon were entirely focussed on the future.

15 August 2015

There has been a great deal of merger activity in the shipping industry over the past few years, especially amongst owners, but, Anglo-Eastern Group and Univan Group have reached an agreement, with the culmination of the largest ever merger of independent, third party ship management companies – the Anglo-Eastern Univan Group.

Already in the top three global ship management companies, Anglo-Eastern’s merger with Univan Ship Management creates the industry leader. There are significant scale advantages in ship management arising from a global foot print and better career opportunities for both seafarers and shore staff which are of benefit to a ship manager’s customers, the shipowners.

Started in 1974, the Anglo-Eastern Group was a home grown product and took off as a third party manager soon after a young Belgian executive with a degree in Naval Architecture (Peter Cremers) joined in 1985. Marcel Liedts soon joined Peter on the management team and, under their leadership, the managed fleet steadily grew. The company gained a reputation for first class safety and environmental standards and in 1998 it underwent a management buy-out, followed in 2001 by a merger with Denholm Ship Management, providing a presence in Europe.

Univan Ship Management was started by the late Captain C.A.J. Vanderperre, often referred to as the ‘father of ship management’ and under whose guidance many successful ship management executives owe their careers today. Former Maersk Captain Bjorn Hojgaard was appointed CEO in 2012 and has overseen significant change. In the past few years Univan has refocused its efforts on serving first class shipowner clients and has seen rapid fleet growth.

The merged business will be led by Peter Cremers as Executive Chairman, Bjorn Hojgaard as Chief Executive, Marcel Liedts as Chief Operating Officer and Mark Stevenson as Chief Financial Officer. The Group is proud that its “top three” all have professional backgrounds at sea or in naval architecture, the core skillsets in shipping on which both Groups were built.

Today, the newly merged Anglo-Eastern Univan group, backed by long term shareholders in the ship management industry, has recommitted itself to serving its shipowner clients through its commitment to safety both at sea and ashore and to maintaining and improving its operating standards.

Background Notes:

The newly merged entity will have: 1,700+ shore based staff 24,000+ seafarers 600 ships under full management 100 ships under crew management only

  • 1,700+ shore based staff
  • 24,000+ seafarers
  • 600 ships under full management
  • 100 ships under crew management only

In the first instance the merged group will continue to operate as separate entities, out of their existing offices. The Anglo-Eastern and Univan tanker fleets will continue to operate under their existing management and from offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Group Board will consist of: Peter Cremers, Executive Chairman, John Denholm, Kannika Thasak, Bjorn Hojgaard, Marcel Liedts, Mark Stevenson, Richard Wong and Richard Hext.

The overall Management Group will be led by Peter Cremers, as Executive Chairman; Bjorn Hojgaard as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Marcel Liedts as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Mark Stevenson as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).